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How to install .mq4 file in Metatrader 4

February 25, 2018 admin 0

How to install EA .mq4 in Metatrader 4 | How to use MQ4 in MT4 This post is to teach you how to install .mq4 file into metatrader 4.  You might obtain the .mq4 from the following method: You get a free EA robot from the web You get the EA from EA builder  You copy from someone You build you own Expert advisor through Metaeditor However, as the beginner of EA robot user, you do not know. This post is designed for you to learn Step1 : Where to place the .mq4 file into the local machine Step2 : How to compile the .mq4 file into .ex4 file Step3 : How to run the EA Step4 : How to test the EA Where to place the .mq4 file into the local machine These are the step how where to place the .mq4 file to the local Metatrader 4 Be ready on your .mq4 file, you know where you have downloaded your .mq4 file from Find out the location of the installed MQL4 path *Note that: the MQL4 path might be different from the Metrader 4 path that you have installed. Normally people will confuse on the location where to find the path. The only solution is this. Go to Metatrader 4 > Click on MetaQuotes Language Editor At the MetaEditor, Navigator > Expert > Simply choose a file, right click the file and choose Open Folder A dialog window will be popup up. Record the path on the Location. I.e.C:\Users\lutherthan\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\50CA3DFB510CC5A8F28B48D1BF2A5702\MQL4\ExpertsORC:\Program Files (x86)\MetaTrader 4\MQL4\Experts\ Open the recorded file path above Paste the .mq4 file into this folder. Note that it has to be “Experts” folder . Experts folder is meant for EA robot. Do not paste into other folder . Return to MetaEditor Right click on the Experts folder > Refresh Check on the file that you have pasted if it is shown in the navigator How to compile the .mq4 file into .ex4 file You already in the midway of running the EA robot. Now this is the time to build the .mq4 to .ex4 file. .ex4 file is a binary file that is understood by Metatrader 4. So  you need to compile the .mq4 file through MetaEditor. Below is the step. Double click the pasted EA .mq4 file in Navigator > Experts (We are in Metaeditor still) Click the button “Compile” at the toolbar Ensure it is error free – 0 Errors. Note that if you have errors, this means your compilation fails. You need to contact the .mq4 source again to get a correct .mq4 source file. How to run the EA Ok. Now you are ready to run your EA in the Metatrader 4. Go back to Metatrader 4 Go to Navigator on the left panel Go to Expert Advisors Ensure your EA that you have compiled (same name with the file name) exists in the Navigator > Expert folder Double click on on the EA or drag the EA into the chart and timeframe that you want to trade At the dialog, “common” tab, check / tick on the “Allow live trading”. This is to allow the EA robot to trade for you. Note that, if you not click this, the robot will not trade for you. This is the security feature provided by MT4. Then click OK on the pop up dialog Next ensure the Autotrading button is enabled. Screenshot below is disabled . Click on the button to enable it. With this is turned on, your EA is now running. Another indicator to prove the EA has been successfully loaded into Metatrader 4 is that you could see a smiley face 🙂 on the top right of the symbol. This shows the EA is running. However, if your EA is in sad face 🙁 This means something go wrongs to your EA. Check on the previous few steps again. You will get a smiley 🙂 face very soon.   How to test the EA To test your EA, you should have all the steps above , which is the EA is compiled successfully. You could follow the steps on strategy tester to fully test on your EA. Thank you for reading. I hope you learn something from this post. ~ Post Views: 13,236