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EA Builder Software


EA Builder is a piece of PC (Computer) software or a web-based application that would help a trader to build EA Expert Advisor for robot trading in MT4, without any knowledge of MQL4 programming language.

For a newbie that would want to try out to build EA, then I advise you can try to use EA Builder to build your first EA.

There are several of EA Builder softwares are available in the market, few of them are free, and some are premiums. I will review (coming soon) on the EA Builder in separate posts.

In this article, I will describe on EA Builders in details as below

  • What is EA Builder

  • Compare EA Builder with professional EA programmer

  • Is EA Builder secure? Can owner of EA Builder know my trade secret ?

  • What is the benefit of EA Builder

  • What is the limitation of EA Builder

What is EA Builder? 

EA builder is a piece of software codes that is written to help build EA robot file (.mq4) without programming knowledge. There are two types of EA builder in the market

  • PC version of EA Builder (in Windows OS or in Macintosh OS)
  • Web version of EA Builder

Either is PC Version of Web version of EA Builder will generate .mq4 file to be used in the MT4. I will teach you in another post in how to use the .MQ4 in MT4 (coming soon).

For PC Version of EA Builder, you are needed to download and install the EA Builder software in your PC. It depends on the software provider if it supports in Windows OS or Macintosh OS.

For Web Version, you are just needed to open a web browser like Chrome / Safari or Mozilla Firefox to build the EA robot from the Web interface.

For most of the EA builder that I used,  the criteria are set through user interfaces provided by the EA Build. The problem is how user friendly the user interface is, whether easy to be used  or need a list of tutorials to learn before master it.

Compare EA Builder with professional EA programmer  with learning MQL4 programming

When you want to build a EA, there are 3 ways.

  1. Hire a professional EA programmer
  2. Use a EA builder to help you
  3. Learn the MQL4 programming and build EA yourself

Question is how which is most suitable for you? It depends on your budget, your patients and your complexity of EA that you want to build.

These are my suggestions

  1. Hire professional EA Programmer
    • If you need to build the EA in short time, for example few days or in one week,
    • If you have enough budget
    • If you do not have patience to build your own robot
    • If you have a high complexity Robot that you want to build
    • If you have no programming logic and weak in mathematic
    • I suggest you go ahead to hire an EA programmer expert
  2. Use a EA Builder
    • If your EA is simple and not too complex
    • If you want to build EA without spend time to learn MQL4 Programming
    • If you are good in logic
    • I suggest you go ahead with EA Builder
  3. Learn MQL4 Programming
    • If you have patience to learn MQL4 programming knowledge
    • If you have complex EA robot to build
    • If you are good in logic
    • I suggest you learn MQL4 programming 

Is EA Builder secure? Can owner of EA Builder know my trade secret ?

It depends on the nature of EA builder where it is built - whether it is web version or PC version. For PC version, I would say it is pretty safe to use it and your trade secret will not be copied. On the other hand, if is web version of EA builder, there is a possibility that a copy of your EA robot will be copied in the server. Therefore, it is important to choose an reliable EA builder service provider.

What is the benefit of EA Builder

The main advantages of using EA builder is to fasten the process of EA (Expert Advisor) Robot building. You can build EA / Robot without any knowledge of MQL4. By choosing the correct criteria, trade settings, you can build EA in few clicks. In prior to that you must know your trade criteria then only could use the EA builder. I am covering the method how to build a robot through EA builder this in this topic(coming soon).

What is the limitation of EA Builder

There are still limitations on building robot through EA builder. There are as below:

  1. EA builder features depends on the service providers. Most of the EA builder service providers are just could compare basic logics/ indicators/ price.
  2. EA builder couldn't create complicated robot criteria that needs deeper calculations

Next,  I'll talk about how to create your EA / Expert Advisor through the free EA builder
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