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MQL4 Programming Course

Learn MT4 Programming

The course is a 3-day course that covers from the fundamental of programming logics. This is essential to understand the basic of programming in order to build an EA or an indicator. In the class, students learn through both theories and exercises through MQL4. Tones of exercises are given to students until ensure they are fully understand the concept. A programming knowledge will only be successful with a lot of training and exercises.

Targetted Audiences / Targtted Students

This program is specially targeted to a newbie who has zero programming knowledge. The lessons are applicable to anyone who is interested to build his own EA or own robot to trade Forex. If you are a fund manager responsible for the successful of the account, then this course is likely to be a good fit.

MQL4 Programming Course Subject Areas

This three day course covers the following :
Fundamental Programing Knowledge

Fundamental programming is the core of the course. During the class, we will teach you data types, operations, variables, and functions. These are the basic that a beginner must know before he could write any data. The logic is simple, yet you need to understand how to represent it in MQL4. MQL4 has custom libraries for variables and functions, not to worry what are those. We will guide you through the class. At the these section, you should know how to write your criteria in MQL4.


In this chapter, we will teach you the format to write an EA script. There are predetermined function for an EA to initialize and execute. Then we will teach you how to combine the criteria into EA. Thus, you should master the fundamental before learning how to write EA. Other than this, this section covers the predefined EA trade methods: execute buy, sell, buy stop and etc. With these, you are an EA master now.


Lastly, we will introduce you how to write your own indicator. Same with EA, indicator has predefined methods to write. Just follow our class, you will know the way to write an indicator easily, whether write indicator in separate window or in a graph. Lastly, we also will teach you how to combine your indicator into EA.


Course Prerequisites

Attendees make the most of the class if they:

  • Have solid understanding of Forex theories
  • Have been involved in Forex trading actively
  • Have already have a strategy on how to trade

Class Format

We keep our class size small, ratio of of 6: 1. If we have more mentors, then we will have 5:1 or less. This is vitally important for all the students to ask questions and to have fully understand on the concept of programming, typically during tutorial session. In our nature of the class, tutorial session occupies more then 50% of the entire time. This is to ensure all of the students could able to program independently at the end of the class.

For now, the class is conducted in Penang Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia,  Johor Bahru Malaysia SingaporeBali, Indonesia, United State , and London, United Kingdom. 

Please contact here if your place is not covered here. We are more than delighted to hear from you.

(NEW) Live Online Classes through Skype


Take our course online classes through Skype. The main purpose of this live class is to encourage students ask question on the spot without any delays and communication barrier. Unlike streaming video class, this  live class allows mentor to monitor the progress and level of understanding of students throughout the sessions. More explanations and examples when students are facing doubt in certain area.

We have students from all over the globes - United States (New York, California), United Kingdom (London), Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia.

The class will be conducted in English.

Our mentors will put more efforts in ensuring the class will be smooth throughout the entire section. Same to the ordinary class, tutorials are a must for students to complete for each of the topic.

Email US for the schedules.