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    40’s more lessons describing each of the core programming knowledge in details.
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    100’s Tutorials to help students for more understandings. Each video tutorials describe the topic in depth more practically.
  • Cheat Codes
    Simplify and summarize all the difficulties of MQL4 programming language into simple code. With this, students could write EA without knowing the complicated codes. This is the premium help up that only students could be obtained.
  • EA, Indicators, Objects
    EA,  Indicators, and Objects are included in the course to teach student how to customize or build the EA from the scratch.
  • EA and Indicator Template
    Proprietary templates are given to Create Own EA in just few seconds.
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    Up-todate Programming Topic and Sharing will be Added. New topics are added to cover all the future needs of our students.
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We are offering the training course with just $69.95 to take you from a newbie to an intermediate level. At this level, you will be good to create your own EA robot.

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Core Programming Knowledge
Learn on program flows
How to write scripts
How to comments and run first scripts

How to store value.
Learn on program flows
How to write scripts
How to comments and run first scripts.

How to store value.
How to create criteria
Basic knowledge:
Create single criteria check
Advance knowledge:
Compare multiple criterias
How to execute commands repeatedly
Excluded Included
Learn how to create EA in 5 minutes
Included Included
Learn how to origin EA commands
Excluded Included
Learn how to create a button
Excluded Included
Learn how to create a indicators
Excluded Included
50+ tutorials 100+ tutorials
30+ videos 60+ videos
New Updates
Excluded Free Access to all of the
new resources and
updates on EA, Indicators
1 year unlimited supports and training 10 years unlimited supports and training
Free access Free access

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